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As many sleepless nights as one can dedicate to rethinking their past love life… The reality is that you’ll find very few solutions.

You can try and repair any relationship but the end result will always be the same.

In one moment, it’ll shatter into pieces like so many have before. Because, it’s not easy to stop being who you are to love someone.

It’s almost like a fight you’ve lost before it even begun.

That’s why the best thing that could have happen would be for relationships to come with expiration dates. Like on yogurts. That’s why we’d know beforehand when the end would come.And we wouldn’t waste time on insecurities, suspicions and arguments.

We’d dedicate to cherishing every single moment until the last possible second.

But if you think about it, the good thing about not having expiration dates is that it allows us to keep dreaming that this time, the yogurt will last forever.

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    Jem San Jose

    a teacher with a unique and open perspective in life.Loves teaching and discussing issues in a humorous yet true analogies.


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