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As many sleepless nights as one can dedicate to rethinking their past love life… The reality is that you’ll find very few solutions.

You can try and repair any relationship but the end result will always be the same.

In one moment, it’ll shatter into pieces like so many have before. Because, it’s not easy to stop being who you are to love someone.

It’s almost like a fight you’ve lost before it even begun.

That’s why the best thing that could have happen would be for relationships to come with expiration dates. Like on yogurts. That’s why we’d know beforehand when the end would come.And we wouldn’t waste time on insecurities, suspicions and arguments.

We’d dedicate to cherishing every single moment until the last possible second.

But if you think about it, the good thing about not having expiration dates is that it allows us to keep dreaming that this time, the yogurt will last forever.

I'll never gonna forget this movie, entitled "I can't think straight" that changed my views in life, though she changed her beliefs,few months ago,.I can still say or sing this song to her:

"Ma Fini Fakker"

Ma Fini Fakker
Ma fini fakker winti haddi (I cant think while you are near me)
Ma fini ihki (I cant speak)
Ma bfakker illa fiki (I only think of you)
Ma bismah illa sawtek (I only hear your voice)
Ma bshouf illa sourtek (I only see your face)

Shou baddi illek (what can I tell you)
Bhibbek ana bhibbek (I love you, Im the one who loves you) Shou baddi ihki (what can I say)
Akhadti albi (you took my heart away)
Akhadit hali (your took my mind away)
Bhibbek ah bhibbek (I love you oh I love you)

Nazra fi hyounik ma btikfi (The look in your eyes is not enough) Ana killi shaw wlahfi (I'm full of anticipation and yearning)
Ma bismah illa sawtek (I only hear your voice)
Ma bshouf illa sourtek (I only see your face)
aam hawel khammen ihhsasek (Im trying to guess your feelings) aam hawel ira afkarek (Im trying to read your thoughts)

Khallini Ismaaha minnek (Let me hear it from you)
Ah Kilmet bhibbek (Oh, the words "I love you")

Bhibbek (I love you)
bhibbek (I love you)

Watch this movie and appreciate life, explore love and experience HAPPINESS to the full extent.  
                Recently, I got this news that I passed the licensure examinations for teachers. According to statistics, there were 9,493 who successfully passed out of 36,914. I’m very fortunate to be part of that 25.86%, I still can’t believe it. I can’t stop staring at my name in “Manila Bulletin”, it’s once in a lifetime that my name could appear in that kind of newspaper….nationwide! I’m in cloud nine at the moment, so proud of myself.

                Even though I’m happy, I can’t shout it out loud and express my thoughts and feelings regarding this achievement. Because I know that in the 74.14% who did not make it, three of my closest, trusted friends are there…hoping and wishing they could join us in this wonderful experience. However, what are they feeling now is normal…be mad, be sad, but be hopeful. There’s always a reason behind every fall. Trust me guys, I’ve been there…left out, while everyone’s climbing up the stage, shaking the hand of Dean Tabbada, taking pictures with Miriam Defensor  Santiago and eating lunch with their families after receiving the much awaited diploma. I’m in hour house crying over an event that I could never turn back. But after days of crying, months of mourning, I would never allow myself to waste years of my life just dreaming, I told my self I got to do something, and that something is to stand up and show how awesome and talented is JEMARJO SAN JOSE.

                A real teacher never quits, never back down… just do something! REBOUND!

    Jem San Jose

    a teacher with a unique and open perspective in life.Loves teaching and discussing issues in a humorous yet true analogies.


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